Ways to Stay Healthy Between Christmas and New Year’s

5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy Between Christmas and New Year

There is a lot of temptation to deviate you from your regular routine during the time between Christmas and New Year’s.

5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy Between Christmas and New Year

“I’ll get back on track in January."

This is a typical mantra if you have ever let your fitness goals go around the holidays.

There is a lot of temptation to deviate you from your routine during the time between Christmas and New Year’s.

Here are five of the best ways to stay healthy between Christmas and New Year and still be on track while celebrating the season’s most joyous occasions.

Choose Food To Consume Wisely

As you go through the holidays, you’ll have a lot of things to do. But overeating at every party or gathering isn’t one of them.

If you’re headed out to dinner or a holiday party, spoil your appetite first," according to Amy Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, the founder and director of Real Nutrition NYC, told Healthline.

This way, you’re less inclined to consume all the festive treats in one sitting.

Have a snack an hour or so beforehand so you don’t show up starving," Shapiro added. “When you’re hungry, you tend to make poor food decisions. So have a snack and give yourself time to see what foods are available, and make choices based on what you’re craving and what you want."

Shapiro says that you should always fill half of your plate with vegetables.

Then take the other half of your plate and split it into quarters," she said. “One quarter for carbs and one quarter for protein. These are perfect portions to be satisfied, not stuffed.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We don’t want to spoil your holiday spirit, but drinking water is a good idea while you’re at a party.

It is best to drink eight-ounce glasses of water each day.

Without adequate hydration, we often feel hungry, sluggish, and tired," Shapiro noted. “This can cause us to miss workouts, snack on unhealthy foods, and reach for excess caffeine. Your goal, every time you reach for a snack, should be to drink a glass of water first.

It’s also a great way to set a limit on how much alcohol you drink.

Limit your intake of empty calories like alcohol, which is pure sugar and has no nutritional value," said Adam Splaver, MD, FACC, FACP, FASE, RPVI, a cardiologist in Florida and co-founder of NanoHealth Associates, who told Healthline.

You don’t have to say no to the spiked eggnog or the holiday cosmos but consume smartly.

Alcohol is part of the holiday ‘spirit.’ My suggestion is to limit your quantity," Splaver added. “Have a glass of wine, and if you’re still craving alcohol, try a glass of seltzer with a twist and see if that helps. You never want to feel deprived, but at the same time, why leave yourself open to temptation?

If you’re going to consume, make sure you do it at the right time.

Have those earlier in the evening and not later in the night because alcohol can disrupt your sleep," a registered nurse and sleep expert with the Better Sleep Council, Terry Cralle, MS, RN, CPHQ, told Healthline.

Be sure to consume plenty of water to stay hydrated, too. An easy way to do this is to alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water," she said.

Get Adequate Sleep Hours

A good night’s sleep isn’t just good for your body. It gives you the best chances to recover and rest.

Sufficient sleep is essential for good mood, good health, and good outlook — exactly what you want during the holidays," Cralle said. 

Even if you have holiday travel plans, be sure to make time for sleep. Keep in mind that consistency is key, so try your best to maintain your regular bed and wake times, even when travelling," she said.

Maintaining a relaxing bedtime routine can help with that. It can “help transition your mind and body from wake to sleep," she added.

Many of us will be exhausted by the end of the festivities, which isn’t good for our health.

No matter how busy you are, don’t stay up later or wake up earlier to get more done," Cralle noted. “You’re better off getting all of your sleep at night. A well-rested person gets more done and does it better than a sleep-deprived person.

Utilise Spaces For Exercise

You may be kilometres away from the nearest gym. As a result, if you’re committed to a regular exercise regimen, you’ll have to think outside the box.

After a huge meal, you may squeeze in a stroll or do kitchen callisthenics.

The holiday season is full of travel as we go from city to city to see friends and family," said certified personal trainer Jackie Wilson, founder and CEO of New York City’s Nova Fitness Studios, who told Healthline.

As such, gym access may be difficult. Incorporate bodyweight movements such as squats, lunges, shoulder taps, and burpees, and take your fitness on the road with you," he said.

Even if it’s only a few minutes a day, do your best to get some exercise, which is one of the best ways to stay healthy between Christmas and New Year.

A modified or condensed workout is better than a missed workout," Wilson added. “Smaller workouts will help you keep off unwanted pounds during the holiday season.

Don’t Procrastinate 

As long as you’re eating healthily and exercising regularly, you don’t have to worry much about the pounds during the holidays. It would be best if you get back on track as quickly as possible, rather than putting it off any longer.

If you fall off your exercise schedule or healthy eating plan, remember: Don’t wait for Monday or the new year. Get back on track right away," Shapiro said. 

A small blip in your routine won’t wreck your goals or your progress, but a weekend full of indulgences or lack of sleep will throw you off a lot longer," she said.


Sources: Healthline

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