Top 5 Tips For A Healthful Holiday Season

Top 5 Tips For A Healthful Holiday Season

You’re not alone if the holidays make you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Top 5 Tips For A Healthful Holiday Season

You’re not alone if the holidays make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. And if the Grinch has snatched your enthusiasm and excitement, try some of these ideas to regain your ho-ho-ho and remain happy and healthy.

Maintain Your Health Practices

Make a deal with yourself over the holidays.  Decide, for example, that you will exercise more and do physical activities daily during the upcoming three weeks. Take it a step further and commit to eating a nutritious breakfast every day, limiting your intake of sweets, and getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. If you don’t entirely abandon your healthy routines, you won’t feel obligated to restart them after the holidays end.

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Seasonal Sweets Should Be Avoided

The holidays are notorious for serving additional servings of less-than-healthy delicacies. Preparing nutritious snacks ready for consumption when the temptation to munch arises is a good idea. If you’re throwing a Christmas party, use the recipe books and culinary ideas to provide tasty and healthy alternatives.

Continue To Be Active

Rather than beating yourself up for skipping a workout, include some physical habits into your everyday routine. For example, if the weather isn’t too bad and you’re working from home, take a lunch break and cycle your bike throughout your neighbourhood. If dinner is a feast, go for a light lunch, then take a strong stroll. And keep the family on the go. Sneak in some active tasks and visit the park when the kids get home from school.

Exercise But Not Too So

Give yourself the time of tranquillity. Plan a “me-time" and do something relaxing if you want some leisure to recharge. Try yoga, meditation, or going for a walk in nature.

Make A New Year’s Resolution

Your poinsettia has popped, and the gifts were all devoured. So, what now? It’s a terrific opportunity to start fresh in the new year – but don’t rush through your to-do list, or you may not stick to your plan. Plan out realistic, long-term actions over the following months. Start a regular walking routine and join up for a virtual Heart Walk, for example, before committing to a marathon.



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