Tips For Smart Eating And Staying In Shape Over The Holidays

Tips For Smart Eating And Staying In Shape Over The Holidays

The holidays are the times filled with family, friends, delicious food, and wonderful memories. They are, however, not necessarily in line with a healthy diet.

Tips For Smart Eating And Staying In Shape Over The Holidays

The holidays are filled with family, friends, delicious food, and beautiful memories. They are, however, not necessarily in line with a healthy diet. When the Christmas season arrives, it’s tempting to fall back on our usual exercise and diet routines.

All of those festive gatherings, along with the stress that the holidays may bring, can be a knock on our general well-being from November through New Year’s. But this does not have to be the case. Luckily, it is achievable to live a healthy lifestyle with a few tips all year.

It’s no secret that festive dining does not always equate to healthy living. The delicious foods that grace Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas menus may not adhere to the diets we follow the rest of the year. However, by following these ten suggestions, you will be able to maintain your mental and physical health during the Christmas season.

Find Healthier Substitutes For Your Favourite Recipes

Healthy eating does not require you to give up your festive favourites; make a few changes to it. In green bean casseroles, use less butter and bacon, yoghurt instead of mayonnaise in deviled eggs, and roast the turkey rather than deep-frying it. With these uncomplicated tactics, you can maintain all of your favourite foods on your plate while avoiding the extra calories.

Consume Moderately

During the Christmas season, moderation in everything will be your guiding light. There’s nothing wrong with having an extravagant, joyful meal — but make sure your meals around it are balanced and nutritional. Have a light lunch, such as a salad with olive oil dressings, and then go for a nutritious breakfast, like avocado on whole-wheat toast, the following morning. You can manage to go all the way to more large occasions if you eat well over the Christmas season.

Source - Fusion Occupational Health

Eat Handmade Foods Over Packaged Stuff

Making everything from scratch might be challenging if you have a lot on your plate, but it could also guarantee that what you eat is considerably healthier. Canned, processed, and prepackaged meals are high in salt and sugar, which you may avoid by cooking your recipes. Limit salt consumption by preparing your mushroom soup base, and lower your sugar consumption by making your cranberry sauce. Both need just a few seconds to swirl in a saucepan before being left to boil.

Making your food will also make you far more conscious of what you’re eating and when you’re eating it, giving you better control and consciousness in the long term.

Increase The Amount Of Veggies

It’s tempting to go all out with our favourite dishes, but sometimes eating well is as simple as stocking up on more healthy options. Increase the number of vegetable dishes on the dinner table, adding subtle changes to make them more appealing without making them unhealthy. Roasted asparagus is visually appealing on its own, while roasted carrots or sweet potatoes are flavourful and provide a vibrant flash of colour.

Offer vegetables first, such as a salad before dinner or an afternoon vegetable-based appetiser in doubt. This will ensure that everyone gets enough veggies instead of stuffing up on buttered mashed potatoes.

Eat Slowly At Mealtimes

While luscious food may tempt us to overeat, an essential piece of advice for maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays is to reduce the speed of meals. Several studies have demonstrated that eating slowly allows our bellies enough time to transmit the hormone message to our brain, alerting us that we’re full, preventing us from unintentionally bingeing. Consequently, we will be able to maintain a better portion size.

Observe Portion Intake

Speaking of portion intake, it will be your best buddy over the Christmas season. Consume little snacks throughout the day and three medium meals rather than three extra-large ones. This will boost your digestion and help you eat less at dinner time. If you’re concerned about portion management, consider smaller plates or minimise the dishes served at each meal.

Take A Stroll After Meal

Strolling after a meal may provide numerous different perks. For starters, you may work out during a period when you would not usually exercise as regularly. It may also give some peaceful personal time to de-stress while improving your digestion. All of these variables, when combined, are beneficial to both health and wellbeing while also helping you lose weight. Evidence shows that exercising soon after eating is preferable rather than an hour afterwards to optimise these advantages.

Don’t Skip Out On Exercising

There are a thousand alternative things to do, and working out might seem more challenging if you are not at your home gym. Regardless, it is essential to continue the physical activity for your mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise is excellent for your health and may help you cope with the stress that comes with the Christmas season.

Even if you can only exercise in short spurts throughout the day, schedule some jumping jacks to do on the terrace or a family ice skating session. 

Maintain A Sleeping Schedule

This may be very tough with the upsurge of parties and relatives in town. However, keeping to your sleep pattern will enhance your sleep quality now and after the festivities. Unsurprisingly, studies have shown that irregular sleep cycles may contribute to poor sleep quality, exhaustion, unhealthy diets, and daytime drowsiness, which can take time to cure. Avoiding this by heading to bed and getting up at around the same time every day will help your mental stability as well. 

Take Some Time Off 

The holiday is full of family and friends, which may be fantastic, but it can also be exhausting and demanding. Whether you’re spending the holidays with family or attending plenty of activities, remember to make time for yourself every day. Take a stroll, meditate daily, or volunteer to go to the shop for a few moments of peace and quiet. Even extroverts need downtime to replenish their batteries.

Nutritious Recipes

There are many ways to include healthy living and eating in your holiday celebrations. Still, one of them is discovering more nutritious alternatives to your favourite foods that taste just as wonderful.

It might be tough to eat wisely and remain healthy throughout the festive season, but it is not impossible. Preserving your health and quality of life using some of the simple ideas in this article will allow you to kick off the new year strong.


Source – Healthline

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