The 10 Biggest Health Risks Many Face During Christmas

The 10 Biggest Health Risks Many Face During Christmas

Christmas is really the best time of the year, but it is also a period when people get admitted to the emergency room with strange injuries.

The 10 Biggest Health Risks Many Face During Christmas

Christmas is really the best time of the year, but it is also a period when people get admitted to the emergency room with strange injuries.

Please take 2 minutes before you settle up on the sofa with your loved ones to watch Elf, Christmas Vacation, or Miracle on 34th Street to read these tips for a secure and healthy holiday season.

Injuries From Decorating

Although you may be eager to hang the Christmas decorations, several concerns are involved. One of the most dangerous situations is installing Christmas lights in difficult-to-reach spots on an unstable ladder.

Every year, tens of thousands of individuals are wounded while doing this easy task. To be safe, place a ladder on a level surface before using it, wear thick footwear, and decorate before you’ve had too much eggnog.


Regarding ladder security, it is critical to tread cautiously when hanging the decorative lights — particularly if they have to be plugged in. Old light sets that have been tangled up in the storage room for nearly 11-month intervals might become fibrous, and the wires might be uncovered. Be wary of any faulty lighting fixtures that could accidentally electrocute you. Faulty lights may also play a role in Christmas tree fires. Also, keep an eye on how many devices are plugged into a single outlet.

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Contagious Illnesses and Colds

During the holidays, you are encircled by many more people than usual. The pandemic has altered things this year, but it is still necessary to be aware of who you see, to altogether avoid touching your face, and to wash your hands often. Even if you minimise your interaction, social distance and regular mask use may help you prevent getting infected.

Excessive Eating

It’s challenging to resist mom’s special recipe during the holiday breaks, and it appears that we would never run out of sweet treats in December, but always be extra cautious. Excessive consumption may result in weight gain that may seem to be just a few pounds in wintertime, but it is a pattern you don’t want to maintain. Obesity brings with it a slew of new health concerns. Try to be careful about how much you eat and drink, and experiment with portion management. You know how crazy Kevin McCallister’s holidays are.

Poisoning From Food

Food poisoning is another danger related to food, in addition to overeating. Food poisoning may be caused by the following:

  • Eating food that has been left outside of the cover for an extended period without being refrigerated

  • Food that has not been properly cooked

  • Food that easily leads to cross-contamination

The easiest way to prevent this is to observe the CDC’s food safety standards. During the holidays, food poisoning may disrupt all pleasure, even dancing.


Anxiety may be a severe problem for many people over the Christmas season, and its cause depends on the person. Some individuals are anxious when alone, while others are uneasy when they are with family they don’t see very frequently. Others just get anxious when shopping or getting ready for the holiday season. Money problems may generate a great deal of stress in individuals. Take some time for yourself and start your purchasing and housekeeping early to make yourself less anxious when the time approaches.

Open Wounds

The holidays need a lot of planning, and we’ve witnessed several incidents in the kitchen and throughout the house involving sharp tools. Lacerations and cuts are a typical type of injury that may occur when preparing meals for dinner, ripping wrapping paper for presents, or cleaning up glass shards from decorations and ornaments. There is no way to avoid these cuts completely, but the key to preventing them is to be cautious and slow your pace down. The majority of these mishaps occur while you’re still in a hurry.

Inhalation Of Smoke And Burns

Consider how many combustible things are in your house over the holidays. Christmas trees, flickering candles, fireplaces, and meals being prepared in your home are examples of such objects. When cooking or burning these things, always remember to keep a close eye out for them and never leave them unsupervised. Make sure you have plenty of workspaces and protective clothing if you’re deep-frying a turkey during the holidays. Injuries may occur when a cold turkey is plunged into boiling oil.

Choking On Food

We know you’re eager to delve into Grandma’s baked pecan or apple pie, but please eat slowly. Also, avoid cramming yourself too much. Choking on our favourite foods is a severe health risk during the holidays.

Miniature toys that your dogs and younger toddlers may be mistaken for food are another thing to keep an eye out for. Keep a watchful eye on your dogs and children, and make sure there aren’t any tiny toys or pieces lying about. Also, since it’s chocolate season, keep them a reasonable distance away from your four-legged buddies.

Binge Eating

Christmas is a chance to celebrate yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to go wild. Please drink in moderation, and if your festivities surpass your plans, take a cab home, snuggle up on the sofa for the night, or request a ride from friends.


Source: South Coast Med Group

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