Stop Obsessing Over Daily Covid Case Figures Says Khairy

  • Malaysia has recorded mostly mild cases of covid infections, with 98% of patients consistently accounting for Category 1 & 2 covid-19 infections recently.

  • “We haven’t won the war against Covid-19 and are still a long way from the endemic phase. But from these indicators, we can see that we are transitioning towards endemicity,” – Khairy

Stop Obsessing Over Daily Covid Case Figures Says Khairy

In preparation of the introduction of the endemic phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia, the Health Ministry is progressively phasing out the practise of reporting daily case numbers.

Every day since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in January last year, the Health Ministry has released the latest Covid-19 case numbers via news releases issued by Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

The overall number for the nation would then be split down into state-level numbers, which would serve as an indication of where the viral outbreak was concentrated.

Beginning in September, the ministry has begun to shift away from the standard approach of reporting case numbers and has begun to place a greater emphasis on other important metrics such as hospital admission rates.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said on Twitter recently, “We have been focusing exclusively on daily case numbers for too long.”

“As we transition to endemicity, we will still report daily cases. But the details will be uploaded together with all other important data/indicators on CovidNow at night from now on,” he added.

The national case count was the only thing included in Dr. Noor Hisham’s daily news releases starting last Saturday, and the states were not mentioned at all.

According to a senior official, the daily press releases will have much less information in the coming days and would solely focus on analysis and issues rather than covid counts.

After midnight each day, detailed Covid-19 statistics will be made available on the CovidNow website for viewing.

In a television interview on Sunday night, Khairy emphasised that Malaysia needs to stop obsessing over daily case figures, especially in light of the fact that 98% of all positive cases at present are mild and asymptomatic infections.

He said that other indicators like hospitalisation rates and the number of fatalities provide a more accurate representation of the country’s Covid-19 situation.

“Most of today’s cases, 98% of them are Category 1 and Category 2 infections. It means either they are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.”

“This is due to our widespread vaccination coverage.”

“So we need to look at indicators. Do not be too focused on daily case figures. Although that is still important, it must be analysed and read together with other indicators such as deaths.”

source - covidnow MOH

“With deaths for example, we saw how there were 2,344 fatalities in the first week of August. This week, there were 360 deaths. That’s a reduction of 85%.”

“As for brought-in-dead cases, the figures have gone down by 89%.”

“At the peak of the current wave, our utilisation of intensive care unit (ICU) beds was at 95%. Today, it is at 60%.”

“We haven’t won the war against Covid-19 and are still a long way from the endemic phase. But from these indicators, we can see that we are transitioning towards endemicity,” Khairy added during the televised interview.

The number of current active cases is displayed publicly on the CovidNow website’s home page, and this number is further broken down according to the area of the patients in each case.

According to the most recent statistics, as of 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, active cases had decreased by 3,650 from the previous day, to a total of 116,596 active cases.

Home quarantine accounts for 79.3 percent of the total quarantine cases, with quarantine centres accounting for 13.4 percent. Another 6.6 percent are in hospitals, with 0.6 percent dedicated to intensive care units (ICU).

Website visitors may then choose from a list of states to view the breakdowns for each one.

There are additional graphs that depict the upward and downward trends in the number of cases, fatalities, and other variables.

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