Questions to Ask Your Doctor if you have ADHD

Medically Reviewed by Dr. K on 12 March 2021

Questions to Ask Your Doctor if you have ADHD

Here are some questions to ask your doctor whether you consider you might have ADHD or whether your doctor has diagnosed you with it:

  • What may have been the cause?
  • May I get psychological support to cope with the symptoms of ADHD at home and at work?
  • What would I expect if I seek medication for adult ADHD from a doctor, therapist, or other professional?
  • What method would be used to diagnose me? I'm not sure what else it might be.
  • Is there a correlation between ADHD and other psychological issues?
  • Have you consulted with other people who have ADHD? Can you direct me to a specialist if that is not the case?
  • What are the best therapies for people with ADHD?
  • Do ADHD drugs act the same way in adults as they do in children?
  • What more can I do to alleviate my ADHD symptoms besides medication?
  • Does diet or exercise affect ADHD?
  • Do vitamins or supplements help with ADHD?
  • What are some of the potential side effects of ADHD medications?
  • If I'm taking ADHD medicine, are there any natural supplements or over-the-counter medications I can avoid?
  • Is it okay for me to drink alcohol while I'm on medication?

  • Would I be stigmatised as a result of my treatment?
  • What could the duration of my treatment be?
  • Will I have to take drugs indefinitely?
  • Is ADHD permanent or is it possible to outgrow ADHD?
  • When would we be able to tell if we no longer need ADHD medication?
  • Where can I get emotional support for both my family and myself?
  • Is it possible maybe I've passed this on to my children?
  • How often can I (or my child) see a doctor?
  • Is it safe for me to take ADHD medication if I am pregnant?
  • Where do I learn about clinical trials in which I would be able to participate?
  • I'm also experiencing symptoms. Is my ADHD treatment ineffective? Should I change to a different medication?


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