MOH Looking To Get AstraZeneca And Sinovac Vaccines Approved For Use As Booster Dose Says Health DG

AstraZeneca and Sinovac have submitted their dossiers for review by NPRA for approval as use as a booster dose for vaccine recipients. 

MOH Looking To Get AstraZeneca And Sinovac Vaccines Approved For Use As Booster Dose Says Health DG

Other Covid-19 vaccines are now being evaluated for use as booster doses, according to Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

“AstraZeneca and Sinovac have submitted their dossiers and we are in the process of reviewing it.

“The next meeting by the Drug Control Authority will be on Nov 17. We need time to review the data. This will be under the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA),” Dr Hisham told a press conference on Friday (Nov 12).

Dr Noor Hisham said that it is also possible for Sinovac patients who are completely vaccinated to get the same vaccine for their booster dose.

Sinovac, he said, has not yet been certified by the NPRA as a booster dose.

He said that scientific studies conducted in Chile, Thailand, and Turkey discovered that heterologous injections, such as Sinovac with Pfizer or AstraZeneca, had a 90 percent effectiveness rate, compared to an 80 percent efficacy rate for homologous shots.

“We urged Malaysians who are given a booster shot appointment to come forward to get it,” he said.

Dr Noor Hisham reassured the public that booster doses are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation (SAGE), particularly for individuals with reduced immunity, elderly over 60, and frontline workers.

source - DW

“The panel of medical experts from the ministry has examined the effectiveness as well as safety of booster doses from various sources and found that one booster dose is capable of increasing immunity levels against Covid-19.”

“The groups given priority to receive additional doses as well as booster doses have been detailed in the Circular Letter of the Director-General of Health No. 17/2021 dated Oct 17. Now this group is in the phase of receiving booster doses,” he said.

He noted that the ministry’s objective is to extend booster doses to individuals over the age of 18 who have comorbidities, those over the age of 40, pregnant women, and frontline workers other than healthcare personnel.

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