9 Ways To Stay Mentally Stable This Holiday

Most people greet the holidays with a combination of hopes and anxiety, if not outright fear. If you don’t always feel like “tis the time to be merry" throughout the Christmas season, you’re not alone.

9 Ways To Stay Mentally Stable This Holiday

Most people greet the holidays with a combination of hopes and anxiety, if not outright fear. If you don’t always feel like “tis the time to be merry" throughout the Christmas season, you’re not alone. Many people experience Christmas blues or simply plain stress throughout the holidays. Unrealistic expectations, having to buy too many presents in too little time, crowded shops especially during the pandemic, family disputes, financial troubles, anxiety or grief about being alone; even the climate – wet, foggy, chilly days that grow dark too early – can be a downer on your life. And during the 2018 holidays, a destabilising administration seems to thrive on division and disagreement while failing to recognise social duty or address the sustainability of our ecosystem.

There will always be external variables that you cannot control, but you should not have to be a prisoner of the season. It is possible to overcome stress and let go of all the blues with a change in your thoughts and attitude. You can make this season of the year more enjoyable and joyful. Here are nine tips to help you be more adaptable throughout the holidays.

Plan In Advance

When you don’t feel in control, you’re experiencing the worst types of stress. To prevent this, prepare ahead of time and be realistic about your time constraints. Make a list of all the presents you need to buy and any holiday tasks you need to do. Then approach the list as quickly as possible: what can you do this week, today? Can you seek assistance if you have too much to do? If not, try reducing the number of tasks on your list. The more realistic your goals are, the less stressed you will feel. Furthermore, when you prepare ahead of time, your judgments are less impulsive and better alternatives.

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Maintain Stability

Make it a point to incorporate pleasurable things in everyday activities, not just during the holidays. Treat yourself when you accomplish the mission, no matter how trivial it is to you. Consider going to a comedy show or playing music. Do things that make you happy!

Plan Your Day By Visualising It

In your mind’s eye, go over each day’s plan first. An early glimpse of the day helps you identify possible problems, identify workarounds, and create a plan of action for more achievement. Visualising your activities also gives you more confidence that you are carrying them out accurately.

Ensure That It Is On Your Schedule

The holidays are sometimes fraught with illusory responsibilities. Make wise judgments concerning such duties. Make sure that they are your decisions, not those of others. Could you mail fewer Christmas cards, visit family on a separate day, or arrange a dinner with your buddies or have a “pot-luck" instead of doing all of the cooking?

Being Mindful And Changing Your Attitude

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment and accepting what is. Perspective is how you see a situation. Perspective influences which aspects you make essential – and are aware of – and which parts become trivial, minor, or redundant. Be mindful of what you are focusing on and recognise an alternative. If the primary thing we concentrate on is pleasant, we will most likely feel good. If, on the other hand, we focus on the bad aspects of the event, we are more likely to get irritated and agitated. Research shows that a constant focus on negativity sensitises our brain to have a more negative life experience. On the other hand, focusing on the positive trains your brain to see life more favourably. Thus, your viewpoint influences how you feel in a circumstance – whether joyful or sad, good or awful and how much stress you are in. You don’t want to disregard an issue, but try concentrating more on the good – in relationships and circumstances.

During The Holidays, Pay Attention To Your Connections

The Christmas season magnifies the melancholy of being alone. Don’t put off calling friends or making arrangements until the last minute. Take the initiative to seek others in similar situations, individuals you know or would want to get to know better, get tickets to a show, or schedule other activities. Keep the purpose of embracing this period of the year to strengthen the bonds with those who care about you.

Take Care Of Yourself

It’s all too easy to be harsh and judgemental to oneself. Choose to be compassionate and tolerant to the most valuable person. The person: yourself! This does not imply surrendering responsibility but feeling good about doing your best rather than focusing on what you didn’t do perfectly or what remained to be completed. Recognise that you deserve happiness and seek out healthy ways to do so. Make yourself your best buddy.

Take Charge Of Addressing Emotional Unfinished Business

Enjoy the holiday as a season of rebirth, preparing for a fresh start in 2019. Identify and release past problems, hatred, and grudges you’ve been carrying around with you; be gentle with your forgiveness. Then allow yourself to feel pleased about your ability to be expansive.

Make a list of the chores you’ve been putting off. Don’t allow unfinished business to become a source of worry. If the task seems too massive or challenging,  break them down into manageable pieces and handle one aspect at a time while also seeking assistance as required. Allow yourself to let go of tasks and projects that will never be completed.

Smile Positively

A smile is distinctive. This might be the most challenging task for some of you. Did you say you’re looking for a cause to smile? Smile, and afterwards, think of a reason to smile. During the holidays, people are known to do bizarre things. Find the fun in it and laugh about it. Give the frantic salesman a friendly smile. It will lessen the stress levels in both of you. Hold the intention to be joyful that day – and remind yourself of that every day by making notes on a 3×5 card.

Keep in mind that nobody can make you happy but yourself. This is one of your responsibilities.

Good luck, and remember to look for reasons to be joyful.


Source: Psychology Today

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