8 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Medically Reviewed by Dr. K on 27 April 2021

8 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Diet-friendly foods? It’s too good to be real. Without a question, weight loss is simple math. You must consume less calories than you burn. Certain foods can help you lose body weight because they help you stay full longer and help reduce cravings. Some of them even speed up the metabolism. So, when you go shopping, bring this list with you:

1. Beans

Beans are a perfect source of protein since they are inexpensive, filling, and versatile. Beans are rich in fibre and take a long time to digest. This ensures you’ll be full longer, potentially preventing you from eating further.

2. Soup

If you begin a meal with a cup of soup, you will notice that you eat less. As long as the soup is broth-based, it doesn’t matter whether it’s chunky or pureed. The soup should be between 100 and 150 calories per serving. Skip the cream and butter if possible.

3. Dark Chocolate

Do you want to eat chocolate in between meals? Choose a dark square or two over the milk chocolate. A study found dark chocolate eaters eat 15% less pizza a few hours later than those given milk chocolate.

4. Pureed Vegetables

You can eat more vegetables, indulge in your “cheat" foods, and reduce your calorie intake all at the same time. People appeared to like mac and cheese almost as much when Penn State researchers added pureed cauliflower and zucchini to it. They did, though, consume 200 to 350 less calories. Those nutritious vegetables gave the delicious meal a low-calorie boost, whilst simultaneously filling their stomach making them feel fuller for longer.

5. Eggs and Sausage

A high-protein breakfast will help you avoid snacking during the day. In a study of obese young women, those who began the day with 35 grams of protein feel fuller straight away, which is probably a lot more than you’re eating. The women consumed a 350-calorie breakfast consisting of eggs and a beef sausage patty. The effect of the high-protein breakfast lasted until the evening, as the women had less fried, sugary foods than the women who had cereal for breakfast.

6. Nuts

Take a small handful of almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pecans with you for a quick snack. According to studies, when people consume nuts, they automatically eat fewer at subsequent meals.

7. Apples

Opt for a crunchy apple instead of apple juice or applesauce. Fruit juices and sauces do not have the same effect on appetite as a whole fruit. Raw fruits have more fibre, which is one of the reasons. Furthermore, chewing sends messages to your brain that you’ve had a large amount of food.

Yogurt, whether Greek or traditional, can be beneficial to your waistline. About 120,000 people were observed for a decade or more in a Harvard study. Yogurt was the most strongly related to weight loss among all the foods studied. This isn’t proof that yoghurt induced weight loss, but it did stand out from the other foods.

8. Grapefruit

Yes, grapefruit will also help you lose weight, particularly if you’re at risk for diabetes. Obese individuals who consumed half a grapefruit before each meal lost an average of 3½ pounds over the course of 12 weeks, according to researchers at Scripps Clinic in San Diego. The same findings were obtained by drinking grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice, on the other hand, has no known “fat-burning" properties — it could just have made people feel full.

Check the label on all your prescriptions, or consult your pharmacist or doctor if you can have grapefruit or grapefruit juice if you’re on those medications.

Shop Smart

According to food scientist, Joy Dubost, PhD, RD, fill your shopping cart with plenty of lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, such as these 8 foods to help you lose weight. No matter what, the big picture of what you eat, not specific foods, is the most important factor when it comes to long-term weight loss.


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