25 Tips To Staying Fit During The Holiday Season

25 Tips To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

Want to have a delightful and rewarding December without the guilt that comes with January? Here are 25 tips to motivate you this Christmas season.

25 Tips To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season

Want to have a delightful and rewarding December without the guilt that comes with January? Here are 25 pointers to motivate an individual this Christmas season.

Eat Breakfast First

According to Amy Jamieson-Petonic, a certified dietitian, don’t miss breakfast. “Don’t let last night’s big meal keep you from having a healthy breakfast today and every day,” she advised in an interview with WebMD. If you don’t have breakfast, you can wind up overeating the entire day.


All through the day, eat smaller meals. It aids in the maintenance of sugar and energy levels. You’ll feel less cranky and anxious, and you’ll be less inclined to overeat at gatherings. Furthermore, if you do not come to the party on an empty stomach, the alcohol will not strike you as strongly.


Exercise boosts your metabolism, aids in digestion and calorie burn, and may help you maintain a positive attitude.

Make A Trade-Off

For every alcoholic drink you have during the holidays, tell yourself you need to be physically active for 30 minutes to burn it off,” Jamieson-Petonic, an exercise physiologist, tells WebMD.

Drink Enough Water

Select water or low-calorie beverages. “Twenty ounces of water 20 minutes before each meal keeps you hydrated while reducing cravings and calories when you eat,” Jamieson-Petonic suggests.

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Bring Snacks Along

Are you getting on a plane? Bring some nutritious snacks with you, such as mixed nuts, whole-grain biscuits, or a nut butter and jelly sandwich.

Plan Entire Things Out

Are you taking a road trip? Make a plan ahead of time to stopover where nutritious food is accessible.

Get Rid Of Your Cosy Pants

Loose-fitting garments, according to Jamieson-Petonic, make it simpler to overeat. Wear form-fitting clothing that will alert you if you are exceeding your meals.

Make Your Drink Lighter

A wine spritzer is a pleasant way to limit your calorie and alcohol intake. Consider a light beer or a mixed cocktail with half a shot — just make sure that the mixer is low- or no-calorie.

Take A Small Sip

By taking little sips, you can make the beverage last all night. You’ll save calories and have a clear mind all night.

Look Around

When does the buffet start? Before you delve in, take a look at the food. Think about what’s there and choose just what you want.

Eat Vegetables

Snack on the crisp veggies. Hard. They’ll load you up and keep you from overeating.

Go Lean

Select lean proteins such as turkey (without the skin), fish (without the fatty sauce), and pork. They can make you feel full and provide you with a lot of energy.

Enjoy The Season Wholly

Enjoy festive holiday cuisine that is only available at this time of year, such as filling and pumpkin pie. Eat those special delicacies in moderation, but avoid foods accessible all year, such as mashed potatoes.

Accept Defeat

If a bit of a piece of pie isn’t enough, devour a big slice once and only once. However, skip the crust, which is high in saturated fat and calories.

Plate Size Matters

If you have an option, always choose a small plate. This allows you to keep your servings small.

Avoid Loading Your Plate

Play that game you often used to play as a child, except this time don’t allow your food to collide.

DIY Food

Bring your own delicious, low-calorie food. Give back with something extraordinarily healthy and highly delectable that you like. You can depend on your personally cooked food if all other options are too heavy or greasy.

Take A Step Back

Move away from the buffet table after you’ve eaten your fill. The farther you are from the meal, the less likely you will return to it. If you need to stand in the same area as the food, turn your back oppositely.

Take One Literal Bite

Eat as many desserts as you like, but just a mouthful of each. That, according to Jamieson-Petonic, is a method to avoid feeling unfairly treated but yet not going overboard.

Consume Fruits

Bring a giant fruit salad to the party to contribute to the festivities. The sugars found in most fruits will suppress your appetite for other sweets.

Chat Around

Look for opportunities to reconnect with friends and relatives you have not yet seen for a while, suggests Jamieson-Petonic. You’ll eat less if you concentrate on the conversation.

Enjoy Your Meal

According to Jamieson-Petonic, taking the time to savour each meal might help you eat less.

Pep-Talk To Yourself

Just a few seconds may disclose that you’re weary, upset, or experiencing anything other than hunger. A little self-talk might help you save some extra calories.

Take Deep Breaths And Enjoy Yourself

Remember that the purpose of the holidays is to spend time with family and friends. Take a big breath, smile, and make eye contact.



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