11 Tips To Minimise Stress, Depression And The Holiday Madness

11 Tips To Minimise Stress, Depression And The Holiday Madness

Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression.

11 Tips To Minimise Stress, Depression And The Holiday Madness

Stress and depression are often unwanted intruders throughout the Christmas season. It’s nothing new as the demanding duties such as preparing meals, shopping, baking treats, cleaning, and entertaining are scheduled. Also, if covid-19 is circulating within your neighbourhood, you might be feeling more stressed or concerned about the well-being of you and your loved ones. You may also begin to worry, feel unhappy, or nervous if your Christmas plans change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

However, you can reduce the holiday stress that comes and goes with several practical techniques. You might find out that you love the festivities more than you imagined.

When your stress level hits its highest, it’s difficult to take a breather and recuperate. Try to avoid stress and despair in the first place, particularly if the holidays have previously taken an emotional strain on you.

Validate Your Feelings

If someone dear to you has suddenly passed away, or you cannot be around your loved ones, you have to understand that it is natural to suffer from loss and grief. It is certainly acceptable to weep or express your deepest emotions. You can’t make yourself cheerful merely because it’s the holidays.

Meet Up And Talk To People

Seek out communal, religious, or other social activities or groups if you feel lonely or isolated. Many people have web pages, online group therapy, social media accounts, or virtual events. They can provide you with the needed comfort and connection. 

If you are experiencing Christmas stress, it may be beneficial to discuss your problems with a family member or friend. Try texting, calling, or video chatting with them. 

Spending your time volunteering and serving others is another excellent method to improve your mood and extend your circle of acquaintances. Consider dropping off lunch and dessert at a friend’s house during the holidays.

Source - Spectrum | Autism Research News

Think Sensibly

The holidays wouldn’t have to be impeccable or precisely the same as last year. Traditions and rituals may vary as families evolve and mature. You may decide which traditions to keep and be open to making new ones. If your grown children or other relatives cannot visit you, discover creative methods to enjoy together, such as sending images, emails, or movies. Alternatively, you may meet digitally through video calls.  Even if your Christmas plans are altered this year, you may still find new and exciting ways to celebrate them.

Embrace Loved Ones Despite Differences

Embrace your friends and family members wholly, even though they don’t match your standards. Set aside complaints until a more suitable moment to address them. Also, be patient if others get concerned or disturbed when anything terrible happens. They’re probably experiencing the impacts of Christmas stress and depression as well.

Be Financially Smart

You should decide the total amount of money you will want to spend on gifts and meals before arriving at your destination. After that, you have to stay glued to your budget plan. Don’t attempt to acquire contentment with a flood of presents.

Consider the following alternatives to make the most out of your finances:

  • Make a charitable contribution in someone’s honour.
  • Attempt to Do-It-Yourself presents.
  • Organise a gift exchange with your family.

Create A To-Do List

Make time to shop, bake, socialise with friends, and for other things. You should survey around to make sure if you can alternatively buy any of your items online. Throughout the holiday festivity, you should plan out what dinner menu you want and then come up with a shopping list. This order will prevent a last-minute rush to purchase forgotten products. Also, arrange for meal preparation and cleaning backup.

Say No To Anything Excessive

When you answer yes when you should have answered no, you may feel bitter and burdened. If you are unable to partake in every plan or activity, your friends and coworkers will understand. If you are unable to say no when your employer requests that you work extra hours, strive to eliminate anything else from your schedule to compensate for the missed time.

Keep Healthy Habits Always

Don’t allow the holidays to morph into a free-for-all occasion. Excessive consumption worsens your stress and anxiety.

Check out the following suggestions:

  • Eat a nutritious snack before holiday meals to avert overeating the sweets, cheese, or beverages.
  • Consume nutritious foods.
  • Get adequate rest.
  • Frequently do physical exercise in your everyday routine.
  • Deep breathing techniques, meditation, or yoga are all excellent starting points.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs recklessly.
  • Be conscious of how the information culture might cause unnecessary stress, and adapt your time spent reading news and using social media as needed.

Provide A Me-Time

 Set aside some personal time for yourself. Find some activities that you like to engage in. Take a break on your own. Spending only 15 minutes alone, sans interruptions, may be enough to recharge your social batteries sufficient to do all you need to accomplish. Find something that helps you relax by emptying your thoughts, breathing slowly, and restoring your inner peace.

Among the alternatives are:

  • Taking a nighttime stroll and stargazing
  • Playing relaxing music
  • Reading a book

Seek Professional Advice

If you want professional advice, seek it. Whatever your best attempts, you may catch yourself feeling unhappy or anxious all the time, tormented by bodily pains, unable to sleep, feeling irritated and despondent, and unable to face regular activities. If these symptoms persist, see your doctor or a mental health specialist.

Take Charge Of The Holidays

Don’t allow the holidays to become a source of anxiety for you. Instead, take precautions to avoid the stress and despair that sometimes accompany the holidays. Recognise your Christmas stressors, such as financial stress or personal obligations, so you can deal with them before they cause a breakdown. You may find calm and pleasure throughout the holidays with a bit of forethought and good thinking.


Source – Mayo Clinic

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